Monday, September 5, 2016

#Working for Wellness - Loving Sparks!

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Friday, August 26, 2016


Dear friends and lurkers,

I announced yesterday that I have moved my Working for Wellness blog to the Spark People website.

You can find it RIGHT HERE if you wish to read it.

Spark People site has a wonderful community and that is why I have moved my blog there.  I am more comfortable journaling my weight loss story among others who are trying (and succeeding) at losing weight. 

I am not endorsing the Spark People program as I have no experience with it, but from what I am seeing, the site is very much like the previous weight loss community that I was involved with for the past 5+ years.  There is a lot of incentive, tons of articles, challenges, and information as well as a very active blogging community there.  I enjoy the community aspect of the weight loss journey and I feel that I will get what I need there.  I'll be honest, I like the incentive and I hope that adding this to my own weight loss toolbox will be helpful to me in whittling away these last pounds.

If you wish to join, it's free.  If you do join, you are not required to follow their plan.  I am following the same plan and attending the same meetings that I have been following and attending for the past 5 years and have no intention of changing that --- not at this point, anyway!.  I am exploring the Spark People site and utilizing the resources available.  I am not advocating anyone jump ship and change to calorie counting.  I have the greatest respect for the program and plan that helped me to lose!

I will probably keep this blog somewhat active too, because sometimes I just don't know when to shut up!

Thank you for your support -

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I thought that this would be the home of my "new blog" but, I think I've found a better place for it.  Working for Wellness is moving again.  It's like when I was a kid growing up.  We were constantly moving.  Ugh!

At the urging of a friend, dsmirror (Janet), I have checked out the Spark People website.  It is a weight loss site and it's free.  It took me all of about 2 minutes to sign up and was quite simple to get familiarized with the workings of the site.  I'll be fumbling around for a few days finding every little thing and there is a lot to find!

I am not particularly interested in counting calories or tracking macronutrients, but the data is available and free for the taking.  I did plug in my food for today and was well under my calorie limit.  Something I've long suspected may be hindering further progress.  I do tend to eat quite cleanly most of the time.  By that, I mean not out of a can or a box as I do indulge in a few processed things.  Tuna is processed right?  Condiments too.  Not getting into the "food purist" argument tonight, so you can let out a sigh of relief.

I did blog on the Spark People site today, which by now is actually yesterday (on the East Coast anyway) and if you care to go to that post here it is:

My Blog on Spark People

I am excited for this change.  I felt extremely comfortable posting in a Weight Loss forum as opposed to the open world of cyberspace.  I understand that my posts are out there for anyone and everyone and that's not an issue for me, I do, however, appreciate being among "my own kind".

I hope that you will join me over at Spark People. I think we can build our community of friends within the existing community of Spark People and add to our weight loss support with new friends and new ideas!

Navigation on the Spark People site is quite simple and as I said, it is free to join and use as you wish!  I have already felt a new level of support there and that seems strange since our "old" community was my home for so very long. 

I've read a few blogs, a few articles, and am quite impressed!

Join me at Spark People!!

Friday, August 19, 2016


Yep, I've been missing in action.  Generally, I don't announce to the general public when I'm going on vacation or returning and that is where I've been.  A fabulous week away with a great friend.  I have to say this has been one of the most (if not "thee most") relaxing vacations I have even taken.  By taken, I have to say "been given" because I'd have never in a gazillion years gone "there" had I not been given the opportunity.

Where was I?  I was on Martha's Vineyard with basketcase500 or Robin to those of you who know and love her.  By the way, Robin has started a new blog on this same site and you can find it HERE

Carole and Robin

To get to Martha's Vineyard from here, I drove to Charlotte to catch a plane (about 1 1/2 hours).  My flight went from Charlotte Douglas to Dulles, then to Boston Logan.  From Logan, I took a bus to Wood's Hole (a little over 2 hours), and then a ferry from Wood's Hole to Martha's Vineyard where Robin was awaiting my arrival. 

It was a horrendously long travel day (both ways!).  I got strip searched (kidding) both times by TSA.  The first time, my lower abdominal area lit up like a Christmas Tree on the security check.  Soooo, I had to get frisked by the TSA woman, very up close and personal.  I asked why do I "always" trigger the search.  Shrugs from TSA in Charlotte, but TSA at Logan (Boston) said, before I even asked.... wait for it...

"You've lost a lot of weight and people who've lost a lot of weight usually trigger things because the loose skin shows up as 'unusual'."

Ahhhhhhh.... That actually eased my mind because I was thinking too much electronic device usage (wireless keyboard, laptop, tablet, activity monitor, etc)  Good to know it just the loose skin.  All the more reason to consider a little nip tuck on down the road.

Also, the TSA at Logan searched my personal carry bag.  I had an insulated lunch bag in it that had a container of frozen yogurt (80 calorie yogurt that had been frozen, YUMMMM!)  She saw the yogurt and said this is why you got flagged because it's considered a liquid and over 3 ounces.  She was going to confiscate it, but noted that it was frozen and said I could keep it because it was no longer a liquid!  She also said you can bypass giving up your water if you freeze it and then bring it through security.  Same principle, no longer liquid.  Those are your airport travel tips for the day!

Vacation was glorious.  I have much to say and could tell you all right here and now, but it would be like reading a book, so I will split things up and tell you a little each day for a while.  I will tell you that Robin and I ate very healthy, well chosen choices, and I was an exceptionally good WW, ruthlessly tracking every bit!  I have no regrets along those lines.  The only meeting on the island is on Thursday evenings, so I have missed this weeks weigh in unless I go tomorrow morning and I have plans to hike tomorrow.

You will also get to see all kinds of vacation pictures.  Here is one from Robin's piece of shoreline.  It's just lovely.

At Martha's Vineyard, view from back yard

Here's a photo from the place where we hung when we weren't doing other things.  Robin's enclosed back porch overlooking that gorgeous body of water.  (And, yes, she said I could share the photos.)


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fifty first days...

Like the movie of a similar title (Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler), the first day keeps playing over and over.  This has not been my best week and it's ended up having several first days.  I guess that's better than going from one day to the next without a plan to fix things.  I was up 0.2 pounds at weigh in.

I have a plan.  It's not a unique plan, but a plan nonetheless.  When I consume a trigger food (something that controls me  more than I control it) I do it with the full knowledge that I will be clawing my way back out of that hole.  It is a deep, dark hole that's fill with negative emotions.  It's not a place I like to dwell.

I am not in the grips of demon foods, like I said, I had a week of first days.  My granddaughter's visit concluded on Monday.  Our last few days together consisted of a little more eating out than I generally do.  I have to say that eating out is not a huge challenge for me.  I am not a "foodie" and I am not adventurous enough to try untested foods, lest they 1) steal away my food allotment for the day and more importantly, 2) disappoint.  I know what I like and the few places that I will consent to patronizing have those things that I consider "worth it".

Unfortunately, the hidden values of restaurant food and the unknown ingredients can (and do) trigger responses.  Responses like - "gimme more" and I'll "undo the damage" later.  Later might be tomorrow, tomorrow might turn into the next day, the next day might turn into the next week.  That is why each and every day can become a "first day".

I was extremely happy  that my damage for the week was 0.2 lbs and not 2.0 pounds or some other ridiculous number.  That means that I was quite mindful of my choices even in the midst of feeling like an abject failure.

Back to routines...

For a few days anyway.  I will be spending a few days on a lovely little mini vacation with a very good friend at a really beautiful destination.  My friend is "one of us" and though she is a foodie and allows the food demons to get their grips on her quite regularly, this little trip will be successful on the weight loss/weight management front.  It will be successful because I am back to consciousness that I need G.O.A.L.S.  Good Options And Less Slacking (I just made that up!) 

A Plan...
I am simply following that same plan that I know works.   Healthy spaces, routines, mindfulness... planning, preparing, weighing and measuring my portions, ruthless tracking, moving my rear end, and most importantly... ACCOUNTABILITY.  That accountability comes in the form of my support system, my meetings, my friends that are on a similar mission, my diligence with all of the above AND not letting those triggers and food demons into the front door.

Shut the door, baby, don't say a word.  Yep, shutting the door on those bad little habits that creep into the routines and the routines that creep out the back door.  The bad habits that surface that I sometimes choose to ignore knowing full well that my neglect is the only reason that I am not lower on the scale.   The good habits that I know well and don't always implement.

Back to implementation of Plan A.

Plan A - FOLLOW THE PLAN with diligence!

Photo - my street dog/rescue pup, SAM.  A most adorable creature.  He was posing for Doggie Boy Quarterly in this picture.
Sam -